Al-Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan was established in 1993 after receiving its license and general accreditation by Decision No. 848 on March 6, 1993.

General definition of the Admission and Registration Department

Admissions and registration Department deals with all matters related to students affairs, in terms of acceptance, registration and the follow up of implementation of instructions of awardingacademic degrees. The department plays a role in assisting students in possible ways to overcome problems they mayencounterduring their campus and university life until graduation. The department is considered to be the direct link with the student and his professors. It tries very rigorously to raise the level of performance, and follow-up of technological development through the use and development of technological means, which is provided to all students, and deanships colleges and faculty, and the university administrative departments, and other official departments.

The department is comprisedof the following sections:

1. Admission.

2. Registration.

3.Documentaion and filing