The English Department at Al-Zaytoonah Private University was established in 1992. It offers courses in language, linguistics, literature and translation. The students can either major in English Literature or Translation; the two main programmes provided at the department at the undergraduate degree levels. 

In addition to the B.A. English programmes, the Department is currently studying a future plan to offer an M.A. English programme in English Literature. 

There are 29 faculty members in the Department. All of whom have obtained their second or/and third university degrees from reputable universities in Jordan and abroad. 

The number of students in the department amounts to 703 students; 187 are majoring in Literature while 516 students are doing Translation. 

The Department consistently hosts one-day seminars on different topics in Linguistics, Literature and Translation presented either by faculty members or guests from other academic institutions. 

There are two BA majors offered at the Department of English , namely: English language and Literature, Translation, English language.