Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

The Department was established in 1993. On 10/7/1997 the first class of students graduated. The Department has had an active role in promoting Arabic, deepening pride in it, activating a conscious awareness of its advantages. It also focuses on achieving the goals for which the Department was established; being one of the most important ingredients for building the student’s national and patriotic personality. 


The number of faculty members for the academic year 2021-2022 is (6). The number of students is 250. So far, the Department graduated 26 cohorts graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The faculty members have presented many research papers and published them in international refereed journals. They presented other research papers in international, Arab and local refereed conferences.



Department of Arabic Language

Head of the department

Dr. Nibal Nabeel Nazal

Name of the specialization in Arabic

اللغة العربية و آدابها /بكالوريوس

Name of the specialization in English

Arabic Language / Bachelor

Specialization number


Date of accreditation





Department’s vision:

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature looks forward to superiority and excellence locally and internationally. It also seeks to enhance the Arabic Language status through research contributions that would improve its students and serve the local community.

Department’s mission:

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature seeks to provide a suitable educational environment, hold curricular and extracurricular activities and place research on its top priorities in service of the local community.


Department’s objectives:

  1. Passing the legacy of Arabic language to the coming generation by way of going on with conducting and encouraging research.
  2. Organizing and participating in seminars and conferences.
  3. Going on with developing study plans in line with the requirement of quality education.
  4. Continuous training on research and academic investigation.
  5. Promoting the students’ scientific, intellectual and critical thinking skills.
  6. Strengthening the relationship with the local community via holding seminars and conducting scientific studies.

Degree offered by the Department

Bachelor’s degree of Arabic Language and Literature

Knowledge areas of the specialization
Basic and compulsory theoretical fields: linguistic and grammatical studies, literary studies, critical and rhetorical studies, and joint studies.

Supporting areas: ancient history, modern history, and Islamic philosophy.

– Opportunities and fields of work: public and private sector schools, ministry of culture, media institutions, television and radio stations – centers for teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, magazines, and newspapers.

The major achievements of the department

  1. The Eighth International Conference of the Faculty of Arts, entitled “Jerusalem in Modern Arabic Poetry”, which was held on 07/19/2022.
  2. The seventh creative competition, which is held yearly.
  3. Establishing the readers club for students of Al-Zaytoonah University who are interested in reading.
  4. The Arabic calligraphy improvement course, which is held on an ongoing basis.
  5. Updating the study plan and educational resources in line with the department’s vision and objectives.