Overview :

Since the university’s establishment, the department of personnel is one of the administrative departments which was established in 1993.
The department of personnel has played significant role in helping all sectors inside and outside the university.
It offers facilities and legal consults for the university members both teaching and demonstrative staff in addition to employers.

Vision :

Qualified administration and staff aspires to promote the department to excellency and to achieve the objectives of the university in general and the objectives of the department in particular.

Mission :

The department organizes and develops the administration of the university members in human, operational and legal dimensions.
It also supervises the application of the legislation and uses the updated database.
To achieve its mission, the department depends on sincerity, membership, good rewards and distinguished offering.

Objectives : 


Choosing the qualifiers among those who ask for jobs at the university according to high standards which keep equality, justice and transparency


Training and rehabilitating the university members in cooperation with community service and consultation center by offering specialized courses.


Finding the vacancies and working hard to fill them up from Alzaytoonah university graduates.


 Applying the laws, regulations and instructions of the university to everything relating to employer affairs in order to take the decisive decision.


 Working to finish the functional description of the employers of the university in order to promote the distinguished officials function.


 Offering and applying the annual plan of the department in a harmony with the strategic plan of the university.