Department of Classroom Teacher

About the department  :

The department was established in 2003. There are currently 13 faculty members employed in the Department. The number of students is 1,360 students. Faculty members have published 10 research papers in international refereed journals .



The Department of Classroom Teacher

Head of the department

Dr. Suleiman Diab Ali Al Ahmad

Name of the specialization in Arabic

معلم الصف – بكالوريوس

Name of the specialization in English

Classroom Teacher-Bachelor

Specialization number


Date of accreditation





Department’s Vision :

It is a pioneering department in the field of preparing teachers at the local and Arabic levels consistent with the spirit of the age .


Department’s Mission :

Providing an active interactive environment for students that contributes to their professional and academic growth and development .


Department’s Objectives :

    1. Developing critical and creative thinking among “student teachers” by providing a qualitative and deep education based on modern educational theories.
    2. Facilitating students’ learning by providing a variety of resources that meet the needs and desires of students and the local community.
    3. Focusing on the practical aspect inside and outside the university in the cooperating schools so that this contributes to their professional and cognitive development.
    4. Working to achieve the educational values of respect for others, good communication with them, commitment to work … etc.
    5. Providing local and Arabic educational institutions with effective and competent teachers in the field of teaching in a way that is commensurate with the spirit of the age.

Degree offered by the Department:

Bachelor’s degree in classroom teacher

    •  Knowledge areas of the major: general education, human growth and learning, research and evaluation skills, Islamic and social education and their teaching methods, linguistic concepts and teaching methods, scientific concepts and teaching methods, methods of Mathematics teaching, and general curricula.
    •   Opportunities and fields of work: public schools, private sector schools, and nurseries.