Article (1):

These instructions are called “Instructions of General Library Services at The University Library”.

Article (2): 

The following words and expressions are used to refer to these instructions.

University: Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.

Council: Deans Council

President: Head of the Council

Dean: Any Dean at the University

Director: Director of the Library

Department: Any academic Department in any Faculty at the University

Library Resources: Books, periodicals, references, documents, publications, microfilms, maps, theses, recordings and CDs.

Beneficiary: Students, teaching staff, employees and any commission or institution that has the right to loan any of the material resources.

Article (3):

The library management assumes the following responsibilities and tasks:

a. Provision of the necessary library material to university, checking them up, receiving them, documenting them, storing them and binding them as well as maintaining them.

b. Contact suppliers of library resources, including publishers, distributers and bookshops inside and outside Jordan, and provide concerned parties at the University with the information available about these resources.

c. Applications for purchase of library resources, with purchase including a thorough description of  items to be purchased.

Article (4):

Faculty members suggest library resources to be purchased providing the purchase have thorough description of items to be purchased. 

Article (5):

The library manages to purchase one copy of each title, with a possibility to purchase more copies, if the faculty member, through recommendation of the Dean and Department chair, justifies the necessity to own more, but in any case the number of purchased copies should not exceed five copies.

Article (6): 

a. Participating in scientific and cultural periodicals in accordance with request from the Dean and  agreement from the president.

b. It is possible to request a copy of an unavailable periodical or essay. The director of the library provides the request in accordance with  foundations agreed upon by the president.

Article (7):

Books are lent to University teaching staff and administrative members, and students in accordance with a card issued by the university

such that:

  1. A faculty member and lecturer may borrow in one time up to (10) books for one semester, and have to be returned back by the end of the semester.
  2.  An administrative staff may borrow in one time up to (3) books, for a maximum period of two weeks.
  3. A bachelor student may borrow in one time up to (3) books for a maximum period of two weeks.
  4. A postgraduate student may borrow in one time up to (5) books for a maximum period of one month.


Article (8):

 Library resources such as: references, periodicals, unique documents and other library material are allowed to be checked out, except under special circumstances specified by the director of the library .

Article (9):

 Books are lent in accordance  with a ID card issued by the university library and may not be used by anybody else except the owner.

Article (10):

 A book cannot be borrowed another time if it is requested by other users taking into the priority in the secondment of this book, nor allowed to lend new books to the beneficiary if other books are not returned.

Article (11):

 The library has the right to recover any book Checked Out before the expiration date of the loan or to refrain from checking out any book, if so requested to be on reserve shelf.

Article (12):

 Books are placed on the reserve shelf in accordance of special form and request by a faculty member or the  library.

Article (13):

 Books placed on the reserve shelf are only nightly lent.

Article (14):

Night lending starts half an hour before official time library is closed and ends half hour after the next day opening time.

Article (15):

The beneficiary pays (0.250JD) per a book for one-day delay according to the date set on the borrowing card that does not exceed double the amount of the book.

Article (16):

A new card to the beneficiary may be issued instead of a lost card, for a payment amount of two dinars.

Article (17):

 The beneficiary must secure an original copy in substitute of any loaned book he loses, causes damage to, or any deformation, or else, he pays a double amount fine of its current price.

Article (18):

The library may recommend concluding agreement with other universities libraries, information centers or scientific research institutions.

Article (19):

The library offers photocopying services, fax services and direct contact of information systems and any other services for a fee according to the foundations approved by the president.

Article (20): 

a- The president may issue a decision to give some of the library belongings to universities, clubs, charities and municipal councils, scientific institutions and any party that provides public services to the community in an amount, not to exceed (1,000) dinars per year.

b. It is possible to exchange publications with other libraries.

Article (21):

Non-restored and missing library resources may be destroyed and delisted in accordance with the  applicable supplies act at the university.

Article (22):

 The president, based on recommendation of the Deans to take necessary actions to guarantee securing books and periodicals for public and private accreditations.

Article (23): 

The President, Deans and the director of the library are responsible for implementing these instructions.