Conferences :

  • The Eighth Conference of the Faculty of Arts / Department of Arabic Language and Literature, entitled “Jerusalem in Modern Arabic Poetry”, was held on: 7/19-21/2022.
  • The Seventh International Conference entitled “Future Prospects for Education in the Light of a Changing World” organized by the classroom teacher department in 2018.
  • The Sixth International Conference entitled “Contemporary Visions in Literature and Translation” organized by the English Language Department from 26-27/10/2016.
  • The Fifth International Conference entitled “Cultural Pluralism in Language and Literature”, which was held from 17 to 11/19/2015.
  • The Fourth International Conference on Graphic Design.
  • The Third International Conference entitled: “The Text between Critical Theories and Modern Linguistics” organized by the Arabic Language Department from October 30-31, 2013.
  • The Second International Conference entitled: “Educational discourse and the stage of postmodernity” organized by the classroom teacher department of 2012.
  • The First International Conference entitled: “Cultural Communication Forums in Literature, Language and Translation” organized by the English Language Department from 19 to 10/20/2011.

Scientific Achievements :

  • In 2018, the faculty obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate granted by the Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission.
  • The faculty obtained the (ISO9001) certificate as part of the university’s services and faculties.
  • Faculty students obtaining high grades in the University Proficiency Examination for previous years.
  • The faculty held eight specialized conferences in the fields of Arabic, English and educational sciences.
  • Cultural and academic exchange for faculty members and faculty students within the agreements concluded by the university with prestigious international universities such as the Mavlana agreement with the university of Kilis / Republic of Turkey ; and the student and academic exchange program Erasmus + with the university of Saint-Louis/ Brussel – Belgium.
  • Joining the University Agency for Francophonie.