Deanship of Student Affairs is concerned with extra-curricula activities deemed an essential requirement for students preparation and complementary to other cognitive aspects provided by the University .Accordingly , the Deanship offers services needed by the students throughout their academic life in the University , in addition to the means and potentials , which would help them exercise these activities in all cultural , art , sport and social domains .Thus , the Deanship creates the most appropriate conditions and implements the University philosophy of refining the students character behavioristically , educationally and cognitively besides enabling him / her participate in any worth while work and prepare him / her for active participation after graduation . To carry out the above-mentioned goals , the Deanship has set the following sections and units to extend services needed by students .

Dean message

The deanship of student’s affair is one of the most important departments in Al-Zaytoonah University.

It play a crucial rules that help students build their own characters. I invite our students to participate in all activities, seminars, conferences and workshops conducted by the deanship.

Dr. Muneer Mohammad Al-Ofishat