The University awards incentives for students as follows:

1. 15%  on credit hour fees is awarded for:

* Son of employees and retirees of the Armed Forces, Public Police, Intelligence and Civil Defense.

* Son of employees at the Ministry of  Education and Private Schools.

* Son of Judges and the Civil Aviation Authority.

2. Sibling discount:

*10% discount for second admitted sibling at the University and a 15% discount for the third sibling.

3. Academic achievements:

25% discount to the highest grade rank in the specialty/ major for year 1, 2, 3 and 4 (four scholarships are given for every specialty or major/year) under the following conditions:

*The student should have registered for at least 15 credit hours that all enter into the student cumulative average (GPA).

* The students’ semester cumulative average (GPA) must not drop below 76%.

The incentive discount is granted in the semester following the one in which the student was ranked first in his/her specialty/major.