The executive committee for quality assurance\administration

The committee is headed by the director of Accreditation and quality assurance office, and composed of representatives of the administrative departments and centers, dean of student affairs, students and the director of liaison office.

The committee is officially invited by the chairperson to meet periodically in a regular basis. The office keeps all meeting minutes and the text of decisions. The committee is considered as a hand for AQA office to implement its plans and procedures and follow-up achievements. The committee submits reports to the office about the extent of accomplishment and the achieved outcomes of the administrative departments, centers, and supportive divisions in the university.

Responsibilities and duties

  1. Participate in preparing the annual plan for the AQA office
  2. Discuss reports which are sent by administrative departments, centers, and supportive divisions in the university and recommend their accreditation.
  3. Recommend accreditation of administrative related documents, procedures, and forms which are issued by AQA office.
  4. Recommend accrediting the administrative part of the annual university report.
  5. Discuss instructions and the periodical guidelines which are issued by the AQA office, according to every party’s authority, and implement them.
  6. Monitor the implementation of quality procedures in administrative departments, centers, and supportive divisions in the university. Example of procedures
    1. Monitoring application of document and records
    2. Internal auditing
    3. Corrective and precautionary.
    4. Modification and canceling of documents.
    5. Periodical follow-up
  7. Active participation in disseminating the culture of quality assurance in the university according each party’s authority.

The members of the committee are:

  1. The head of AQAO\chairperson
  2. The vice head of AQAO\chief of the academic development department\member
  3. director of tender department\member
  4. AQA officer\member
  5. Director of human resource department\member
  6. director of admission and registration department\member
  7. Director of Financial department\member
  8. Director of supplies Department\
  9. Director of Counselling and Community Service Center\member
  10. Director of Engineering, Maintenance and Service Department
  11. Director of Transportation department\member
  12. Director of Library\member
  13. Director of Computer center\member
  14. Director of ZUJ security\member
  15. Director of Public Relation department\member