The accreditation and quality assurance office includes three divisions:

  • Accreditation Division
  • Quality Assurance Division
  • Academic Development Division

Accreditation Division

The scope of accreditation division is to follow the general and specialized accreditation files and any other academic and administrative related files.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Preparing university cards and document all relevant general accreditation records and documents and update related information annually.
  2. Prepare the accredited specialty cards and document all relevant special accreditation for every specialty in term of documents and records and update related information annually
  3. Prepare cards for the supportive academic units to cover the academic university needs (university, faculty, and academic department requirements), and keeep all relevant accredited documents and records in addition to update related information annually.
  4. Ensure achievement of the university the general accreditation requirements, in addition to that, ensure achievement of specialties the special accreditation requirements in an integrative and complete form, and treat any inadequacy or defect in these files.
  5. Supervise preparing accreditation related documents, and ensure their accuracy, precision, and completeness before submitting them to HEAC
  6. Collaborate with accreditation and follow-up committees which assigned by HEAC during their field visit and prepare to receive them, and follow-up their work inside the campus.
  7. Implement studies and surveys that are related to development of student’s number in the university, faculties, and the accredited specialties. And provide suggestion for increasing or decreasing capacity, freezing or dropping of specialties, and propose academic programs
  8. Prepare periodical reports related to human resources (faculty members, supervisors, technicians, and administrative personnel) that required to execute study plans and to ensure the extent of achievement of the general and special accreditation by specialties and programs, and ensure meeting of the faculty members the requirement of knowledge domains.
  9. Execute periodical field visits for the purpose of evaluating the learning environment, the infra-structure, facilities, yards, parking, and preparing related reports.
  10. Disseminate the culture of accreditation and quality assurance, and assist faculties and academic department in follow-up the accreditation files and assist in sustaining achievement of standards.

The Quality Assurance Division

The scope of work is to follow-up the quality assurance files in the faculties and academic departments, dean of scientific research and graduate studies, the president office, administrative and departments and centers.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Ensure all employees are working within the vision, mission, and objectives of the university
  2. Ensure participation of faculty members and the administrative staff in academic and administrative activities of the university
  3. Review and execute quality assurance instruments such as; policies, procedures, councils, committees, and other related bodies in the university.
  4. Ensure that the curriculum of the academic programs and the strategic plan of the university are within specific standards.
  5. Follow-up the teaching learning process and evaluate the teaching process in the university.
  6. Prepare for the self evaluation procedure for the university.
  7. Submit periodical reports to the president about the progress level of objective achievement, plans, and programs
  8. Develop of data base and utilize it efficiently and in an effective way
  9. Submit research proposal and implement field studies regarding quality assurance of the academic process and ensure application of quality assurance standards at the university level.
  10. Issuing booklets, brochures, and specific guidelines regarding quality assurance.
  11. Conduct seminars and lectures to disseminate and increase awareness inside the university about quality assurance culture
  12. Follow-up the file of the competency exam, supervise its execution, and take the benefits of the exam results to contribute in improvement of the educational program outcomes.

Academic Staff Development Unit

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Prepare training plans and programs to qualify the faculty members in the field of teaching technology, measurement, evaluation, and teaching strategies.
  2. Disseminate the culture of training and in-service staff development in the university
  3. Design an integrative obligatory training system for the faculty member to upgrade their competencies
  4. Prepare an annual training plan for faculty members.
  5. Implement required training programs, lectures, courses and workshops to develop teaching and research capacities for the faculty members and assist them to achieve their optimum professional growth
  6. Upgrade the faculty members’ competencies regarding designing educational programs and courses.
  7. Upgrade the faculty members’ capabilities in evaluation methods.
  8. Execute training courses and workshops that contribute in developing the institutional capacities of the university.
  9. Develop effective communication and educational process management skills among faculty members.
  10. To benefit from the international experiences in the staff development domain.