The Department of French and English Languages and Literatures is one important achievement of Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan because it is the only department of its kind among all public and private universities in Jordan. The Department includes French and English languages as two basic languages for the purpose of granting BA Degree. The Department of French and English Languages and Literatures was established in 2001/2002 and graduated its first batch in 2004/2005.

The Department’s study plan consists of 132 credit hours covering the basic skills in Literature, Translation and Linguistics. It includes distinguished teaching staff members who graduated from international reputable universities.

The Department is keen to cement relationships between Al Zaytoonah University and official/non-official French institutions in Jordan with a view to providing students with scholarships, language residencies in the foreign countries, job opportunities for its graduates as well as reinforcement Learning courses. Not only is the Department concerned with the educational process, it also accords cultural activities increasing attention because, it believes, foreign language acquisition intimately links up with developing the student’s personality and promoting his national pride and values.

Activities (2016-2017)

► Extracurricular socially-oriented activities.

► Group breakfast in the University’s garden on 28-04-2016.

► French Open Day in the Library Theatre on 14-01-2016.

► Football match between teaching staff members and students in the Sports Hall on 03-03-2016.

► Blood donation campaign for King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) / Al Amal Center on 19-05-2016.


Members of the Department’s Council :-



Academic Rank

Teaching Staff




Assistant Professor

Dr. Sondos  Fawzi  Farman




Prof. Mohammed Yousef Al Khatib



Assistant Professor

Dr. Seyyaf Yousef Al Sa’oudi



Assistant Professor

Dr.Athool Waleed Abdul Hay




Miss. Deema Mohammad Al – Wahsh



The Department encourages its teaching staff members to do research in order to stand out in teaching French Language on both local and regional levels and equip the labor market with outstanding students professionally and personally.


The Department continuously develops and updates methods and curricula of teaching French Language as well as research tools in such a way that guarantees competent and proficient students able to compete in the labor market.


The Department aims to:

► create linguistically proficient students through adopting the most suitable and most up-to-date curricula and syllabi.

► train students and develop their use of the basic skills of learning French and English by way of using modern educational methods.

► improve the teaching staff’s academic performance and research through encouraging them to participate in seminars and workshops which take place locally in cooperation with the French Cultural Attaché.

► develop the students’ communication skills and sharpening their awareness of the French literature, culture and civilization in addition to their critical thinking skills.

► offer opportunities for the students to take part in the training courses and competitions which are organized by the French official bodies in Jordan.