The Department of French and English Language and their Literature was established in the academic year 2001/2002. It employs five faculty members. There are 238 students in the department. So far, the Department graduated 26 cohorts. The Department of French and English Language and their Literature is the first department of its kind in public and private Jordanian universities. It includes French and English as the two primary languages for the purpose of conferring the bachelor’s degree.

The study plan for the specialization contains (132) credit hours distributed as follows:

  1. Compulsory university requirements (21) credit hours
  2. University Elective Requirements (06) credit hours
  3. College requirements (21) credit hours
  4. Compulsory specialization requirements (75) credit hours
  5. Elective specialization requirements (9) credit hours

The department includes a distinguished academic cadre of graduates of prestigious international universities.

The department strengthens relations between Al-Zaytoonah University and official and non-official French institutions in Jordan to assist in providing scholarships for students, student exchange programs, and job opportunities for graduates as well as holding training courses for students

In addition to paying utmost attention to the educational process, the Department pays increasing attention to cultural aspects and activities, as acquiring a foreign language is inseparable from the goal of refining and developing the student’s personality and developing his pride in his country and values.


French and English Languages and Their Literatures 2021-2022

Head of the department

Dr.Sundus Farman

Name of the specialization in Arabic

اللغة الفرنسية واللغة الانجليزية وآدابهما

Name of the specialization in English

French and English Languages and Their Literatures

Specialization number


Date of accreditation






The department is concerned with scientific research to achieve excellence in teaching the French language at the local and regional levels, and to supply the labor market with distinguished students on both professional and personal levels.


Continuous development and modernization of the methods of teaching the French language and the curricula and the development of scientific research methods to ensure the graduation of students equipped with the competencies that enable them to compete in the labor market.



  1. Achieving linguistic excellence for students by adopting the most appropriate and latest curricula and study plans.
  2. Training students and developing their use of basic skills in French and English through the use of modern educational means.
  3. Improving the academic performance and scientific research of the department members by attending seminars and training workshops that are held at the local level and in cooperation with the French Cultural Attaché.
  4. Develop students’ communication skills, deepen their knowledge of French literature, culture and civilization, and develop their thinking skills.
  5. Providing opportunities for students to participate in training courses and competitions granted by official French bodies in Jordan.

Degrees offered by the Department:

  • Bachelor’s degree in French and English Language and their Literature

Knowledge areas of the specialization:

  • Core and compulsory theoretical areas: Language skills in French and English, linguistic studies in French and English, literary studies in French, literary studies in English.
  • Supporting areas: cultural studies (thought and culture.)
  • Opportunities and fields of work: hotels, translation agencies, public and private sector schools, media institutions, television and radio stations, magazines and newspapers, tourism offices, and international agencies and organizations.

Regional and international cooperation:

    1. Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan signed an accession agreement to the Francophone University Agency. The university has been a member of the agency since 2017.
    2. The faculty members and students of the Department and the students participate in the academic exchange programs (Erasmus +) with Saint-Louis University in Belgium.
    3. The students of the Department participate annually in the student exchange sessions of the Arab Council with the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
    4. The students of the department have participated in the activity of “The Choice of the Orient”, which is held annually in Beirut, since 2017.
    5. The Department of French and English Language and their Literature held a training course entitled “Modern Teaching Curricula for Teaching French to Non-Native Speakers” in cooperation with the Fraoncophone University Agency and the French Embassy in Amman. French language faculty members from both public and private universities attended the training course.
    6. The Department of French and English Language and their Literature, in cooperation with the Francophone University Agency and the French Embassy in Amman organized courses for students on mediation in conflict resolution, in the presence of trainers at Saint Joseph University/Lebanon.
    7. Within the framework of cooperation with the French Embassy in Amman, the Department received Mrs. Alma Ballou, who taught for four semesters as a visiting professor. Later, Ms. Ossian Bagot taught for a whole academic year. Cooperation with the French Embassy in this regard continues.

Course Plan for French and English (Bachelor Program) 2021/2022