Access to competitive quality education locally and regionally, research activities that contribute to achieving standards of quality assurance of education, and interaction with the local community in a sustainable manner.


The college works to provide an active interactive learning environment aimed at improving the learning outcomes in the college, and supporting scientific research in a way that serves the community by attracting qualified faculty members.


  1. Providing an advanced educational environment, and adopting study plans that keep pace with the needs of society and scientific progress.
  2. Building capable and qualified expertise, and preparing them in the fields of specialization approved by the faculty.
  3. Motivating students and encouraging them to learn, excel, research, produce, work as a team, and contribute to interaction with society.
  4. Encouraging scientific research and supporting scientific and practical studies in various fields, to meet the needs of the local community.
  5. Enhancing learning and e-learning, developing teaching methods and aids, and paying attention to educational and learning technology resources.
  6. Linking the administrative and academic staff to serve the educational and practical process of the college.
  7. Accepting cultural pluralism.