About the faculty of law:

     The faculty of law started teaching students in the being of the year 1993 – 1994. It has been accredited private accreditation according to decision No: 848 in 6/9/1993, and it has accredited private accreditation according to decision No: 117 in 12/2/1996.

                The admission of the student in faculty of law conditioned with the average (65%).

Studies Programs:

     Taking into consideration the conditions of the working people of the society, who desires to study law, the faculty, offers a unified study program, which fulfills the desire of these people. The program starts at 8:00 Am finishes at 8:00 pm. The faculty of law in Al-Zaytoonah University is a unique one in this program.

     The faculty achieves by such a program, one of the important goals of the university it offers the chance of learning to the working people and others which suits the circumstances of anyone who wants to study.

      The faculty of law has initiated recently a L.L.M. program. It started in first semester of the year (2015/2016).

Language of the study:

     The faculty of law depends in study and teaching on Arabic language, however there are some of the courses are taught in English language.

The method of study:

      The faculty of law depends in teaching the students on systematic method that enhance, thinking, analysis, criticism and discussion.

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