Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance Office Definition

      Quality Assurance Office at the Faculty of Law was established to coincide with the launch of the quality assurance approaches in the University in early 2011. It was prepared and equipped with the necessary tools for connection, conservation and treatment. In addition, it was linked to the University internal network to serve as the headquarters for documentation and archiving of the quality files at the faculty.

     Furthermore, a distinguished faculty member, known of her activity and giving, has been appointed as a director of the office. Quality Assurance Office represents a link between the quality assurance committee, responsible for quality assurance file, and all faculty components including sections, councils and working committees.

     The office works to ensure quality assurance file follow-up through the preservation of documents, procedures and forms issued by the office, and distributing them to all concerned, each according to his/her competence and scope of work.


Duties of the Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance Office

  1. Prepare the faculty quality assurance manual, procedures, forms, documents and distributing them to faculty employees, as well as ensuring their development and modernization.
  2. Follow up the proper use of procedures and forms, and guarantee the effectiveness of faculty procedures, performance and quality results, and conducting periodic audit on staff, councils, departments and committees.
  3. Carry out internal audit on the faculty components and employees to detect non-compliance cases with quality assurance system and working on solving them.
  4. Participate effectively in the faculty quality assurance committee meetings, document these meetings and the follow-up their decisions with providing periodic reports.
  5. Participate effectively in the meetings of the academic executive committee for quality assurance, receiving and commitment to its guidance and instructions, in addition to submission of periodic reports, and cooperating with them to keep up with the application of regulations, instructions and applicable quality standards at the University.
  6. Promote the quality assurance culture at the faculty and University, through meetings, seminars, periodic studies and participation in workshops concerning quality assurance inside and outside the University.
  7. Supervise and follow-up of all the murals, publications and brochures for the announcement of the adoption of a quality system at the faculty, and ensuring a clear public statement of the faculty vision, mission and objectives for both employees and students.
  8. Periodic survey of the views of specialists, staff, faculty members, students and community groups about what is being implemented at the faculty of procedures and methodologies and extracurricular activities.

Contact us:

Address of the Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance Office: Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan/Faculty of law / Building No.(8) Office No.:(312)

Telephone:  00962 6 4291511 ext. 459

Fax: 00962 6 4291432

E – mail:


Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance Office

Dr. Mohamed Fahmi Ghazwi, working at the University since 2018.

Specialization: Commercial Law

Department: Law·

Dean Assistant for Quality Assurance for the academic year 2019/2020.


Achievements of the Faculty in the Quality Assurance Field

  1. Quality assurance office has been established in the faculty and has been fully equipped to be the headquarters for documentation and archiving of quality files.
  2. A quality assurance committee was formed at the faculty under the chairmanship of Dean and all of faculty members.
  3. Distribution of procedures and forms to faculty employees, each according to his/her competence and scope of work.
  4. Follow up of proper use of these procedures and models by conducting periodic audit to ensure efficiency and good performance.
  5. Periodic meetings with the secretaries and faculty members to disseminate and promote the quality assurance culture at the faculty.
  6. Designing murals that announce the vision, mission and Goals of the faculty, in addition to the organizational structure and course plan of the faculty of Law.
  7. The faculty received the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in all its academic and administrative work, to be the first Jordanian University to obtain this certificate in its updated version.