Vision of the faculty:

    Being distinguished in preparing specialists in the scope of law and employment of conclusions of scientific research in the society benefit.


Mission of the faculty:

    Supply the work market with specialist who are able, over lead ship and creativity in scope of law, developing modern methods of learning and teaching, teaching Environment, developing scientific research.


Goals of the faculty:

  1. Contributing in achieving the strategic plan according to periodical curriculum revision, and continuous improvement in the faculty.
  2. Support the role of the faculty council and departments’ councils in making decisions and following up the achievement.
  3. Innovating postgraduate studies programs in law consistent to work market.
  4. Encouraging scientific research and projects in the scope of law according to national priorities.
  5. Developing modern method of learning and teaching, and teaching environment, which achieve the teaching required outcomes.
  6. Continuous improvement to students’ services and reusing the competitive level between students in work market.
  7. Support responsibility in society in order to contribute in continuous development, and developing the foreign relations.
  8. Pursuing to obtain certificates of quality assurance, and achieving advanced positions in internal and international classifications.

Values of the faculty:

  1. National belonging.
  2. Leadership and team work.
  3. Integrity and transparency.
  4. Justice and equal opportunities.
  5. Continuous learning.
  6. Others’ opinion respect and cultural pluralism.
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