Faculty Vision

Working to graduate students who are able to create and communicate, cope with all challenges, developments and changes in the domain of law at the local and regional levels, as well working to promote scientific research.


Faculty mission

Preforming according to high-quality academic standards to introduce specialists in law, judges and attorneys who are proficient in scientific thinking and education, and able to perform with excellence in the legal field. In order to serve the community on the local and regional levels.


Faculty Goals

  1. Identifies the basic rules which should be known as regards the Jordanian Laws and the principles of Islamic Law.
  1. Widening students’ horizons and observation and deepening their general knowledge along with their legal knowledge.by giving them the opportunity to choose amonga myriad of elective courses in human sciences and applied sciences pertaining to their legal studies.
  1. Developing students’ lingual skills especially the English language skills, including writing and conversationskills and their computer and programming language skills and working on developing the students’ writing and oral skills and helping them communicate properly with others
  1. Developing the student’s cognitive skills by helping them think logically. Connect between legal subjects, criticizeand analyze them, and educate students how to write legal research in different legal subjects through teaching them the methods of scientific research.
  1. Rehabilitating students and teaching them to use books and legal references to efficiently get information themselves- in order to face the changes and alterations,which may occur to different laws.
  1. Rehabilitating students functionally, through developing their abilities to solve problems, and finding alternative solutions, and to teach them how to work in a team spirit, and developing their capabilities to issue judgments relating to different legal subjects, and developing an awareness of the professional values and ethics associated with law.
  1. Training students practically through applying court procedures at the mock court hall at the faculty. And through field visits to the palace of Justice Major felonies Court and forensic medicine centre as well as many other departments and institutions relating to the field of law.
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