The Faculty and Community Service 

     The faculty of law encourages its staff and students to provide the local community in particular and the country in general with highly qualified cadres in the field of law. This includes lawyers, judges, attorneys and councilors. It is the aim of the faculty of law to equip its students with all they need of knowledge and practice related to last for their own benefit as well as the benefit of their community.

    To promote the value and benefits of community service the faculty of law involves itself with the society’s educational, cultural, advisory and consultancy needs through holding seminars and workshops in the field of law; also it takes active part in conferences seminars. The faculty incorporates outside experience with its own to give the best service to its community. 

    The faculty of law also plays a key role in providing legal services to the local community through:

  1. Disseminating a legal culture through introducing citizens to their rights and duties.
  2. Faculty staff members continuously provide legal consultation as well as guiding society members to finding out and convenient solutions to their suits.
  3. Faculty staff members employ most of their researches in serving the community.