L.L. M. Program

   The faculty of law at al-zaytoonah university of Jordan has established L.L.M. Program, and stared teaching at the first semester of 2015/2016 Thesis and exclusive.


The aim of this program is:

  1. Encourage scientific searches in law and contributing in developing and modernizing, in the purpose of producing legal articles real in solving problems. That serving purpose law and amending law.
  2. Opening channels of activities with Jordanian societies for purpose serving. And working, developing the concept of real partnership with society.
  3. Providing excellent education for L.L.M students in complaining providing the national development need, nationally and Arab countries.
  4. Raising scientific level for the next generation.


The Beneficiaries for this program L.L.M:

  1. The student’s official of public and private sector.
  2. The servant’s official of public and private sector.
  3. Lawyers, judges and legal consultant.
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