Registration Procedure:

1. Review the Website of the university or the Department of Admission and Registration to identify the foundations and conditions of admission.

2. Submit the required documents and the filled official application form for admission and get a registration university number.

3. Review the financial department.

4. Issuing of university ID.

5. Sit for placement tests (Arabic, English, and computer).

6. Fill out theregistration form of the courses making sure of the course number and section.

7. Sign the form from thestudent and the academic advisor.

8. Submit the form to the registrar responsible to complete the registration process in the computerized system.

9. Obtain user ID and password to login through the students portal.

10. Review the website of the university to get to know the course schedule and courses, and adverts of the Department of Admission and Registration, such as add-and drop, registration, and final exams program, and the University Calendar, and any matters related to the student; the Website is considered an official source for reporting and contact, communication and disseminating information to students.

Required Documents:

1. General secondary school (GSC) original transcript  for Jordanian or foreigner .

2. Certified photocopy of birth certificate.

3. Photocopy of passport or the identity card for Jordanians.

4. Two personal photographs, size 6*4.

5. Military service booklet for Jordanians (males).

6. Certified copy of the diploma andcertified 
transcriptfrom the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for transferred students accepted on bridging basis.

7.Students obtaining a diploma from outside Jordan, are required to bring a letter confirming their countries recognition of those institutions from which they graduated with documents certified from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan.

8. Students transferring from other universities, bring transcript from the university student is transferring from, certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan, and a certificate of non-issuance of disciplinary action against the student, during the period of study at the University from which he is transferring from.