About the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts is one of the first faculties in which teaching began since the establishment of the university, at the beginning of the academic year 1993-1994. The first cohort of its students graduated in 1997. Its establishment came as an embodiment of the distinguished and insightful vision adopted by Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, which is represented in contributing to building an educated, conscious person, and preparing a good citizen for his country and nation, through preparing a graduate who is able to face challenges, and refine his creative abilities with the specializations offered by the university, and the sciences it offers. A humanity based on the authentic Arab-Islamic heritage, and looking forward to a bright future. The Faculty seeks to achieve its mission to ensure quality and excellence in the performance of its faculty members through the development of teaching methods and the preparation of research and specialized scientific studies that serve the educational and learning process, and raise its standard to reach a distinguished student, and works periodically to review study plans, to meet the needs of the local, regional and international market of scientific cadres specialized in the fields that the college bears the burden of teaching.


Faculty Admission Requirements:

B.A. Program:

  • admissions average for the general secondary certificate students is 60% in the scientific, literary, Sharia, information administration, and health branches. The number of credit hours for the B.A. degree in the College is 132 hours.

M.A. Program:

  • An applicants should be a B.A. holder with a good academic standing or its equivalent as a minimum.
  • B.A. holders with acceptable academic standing or its equivalent can join the M.A. program on the condition that they study 3 courses designated by the College council during the first semester. They have to pass each course with a grade of 70% or its equivalent. The accumulative average should be no less than 75%.
  • If a student is admitted in a major different from his/her major in the B.A., the concerned department designates the necessary remedial courses. These courses should not be more than 9 credits.
  • Students should successfully pass the international competency test of English i.e. TOEFL iBT or IELTS.
  • The number of the credits of the M.A. program is 33 credits.

Departments of the Faculty:

  • Department of Basic Sciences (Humanities and Scientific).
  • Department of Arabic Language and Literature.
  • Department of English Language and Literature:
    • English Literature Program
    • English <> Arabic Translation Program
    • M.A. of English Literature
  • Department of English and French and their Literature.
  • Department of Classroom Teacher.