The Faculty of Arts is one of the first faculties of the University in which teaching commenced with the establishment of the University by the beginning of the Academic year 1993/1994. The first batch of the Faculty’s students graduated in 1997.

The establishment of Faculty came to embody the distinguished piercing vision adopted by Al-Zaytoonah University .This vision represents contribution in building up an aware and educated human being, a good citizen in the service of his country and nation. This is to be attained through well-prepared graduates able to meet challenges and show creative capabilities via the specialties of humanities based on deep-rooted and original heritage and which aim at a bright enlightened future. The Faculty seeks to fulfill quality and excellence criteria in its staff’s performance through constant development of methods of teaching and carrying out research and studies which serve the entire teaching process. 

The Faculty regularly works on reviewing the teaching plans to go along with the local, regional and international markets needs.