Student activities in the faculty of Arts vary in a way that serves the university environment and the local community environment. For example, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Students’ participation in seminars, poetry evenings and competitions.
  2. Holding celebrations at the end of each semester, and presenting various theatrical and artistic performances.
  3. Supplying wall paintings in the departments of the faculty with various literary, linguistic, educational and artistic subjects.

Faculty Activities:

  • The meeting of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts with the students of the Department of French and English Language and Literature at the stage of the Faculty of Engineering on Wednesday 11/20/2022. The students presented artistic and poetic paragraphs under the supervision of Dr. Authoul Abdel-Hay, responsible of the Social and Cultural Committee in the department.
  • The annual meeting for students of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature for the academic year 2022/2023, which was held on: 9/11/2022.
  • The Department of French and English Language and Literature organized for first-year students, a visit to the French Cultural Institute in Jabal Al-Weibdeh on Thursday (3/11/2022), under the supervision of Dr. Authoul Abdel Hay and Dr. Sayyaf Al-Saudi. At the beginning of every new semester, the department organizes such a visit because of its importance in introducing students to the importance of learning the French language and the opportunities offered by the institute. During the visit, the students learned about the departments of the center, the types of language exams, and how to apply for them. This visit was an opportunity for our students to answer all their inquiries regarding the French language.
  • In the framework of cooperation with the University Agency of the Francophonie, the department of French and English Language and Literature was represented by the student Ghosoun Abdel-Rahim Al-Khatib under the supervision of Dr. Authoul Walid Abdel-Hay with the participation of (6 students) from the department in the “Choice of the Orient” Competition (Goncourt 2022) held in Lebanon / Beirut In the activities of announcing the winning novel, for the period from 28 to 31/10/2022.
  • The meeting of the head of the Department of French and English Language and Literature with the new students. The subjects of the specialization and the prospects for its work were discussed from (12:30-2) in classroom N. (8131), on Tuesday 10/18/2022.
  • Meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the Head of the French Language Department, and faculty members on Monday (10/10/2022)
    With all of:
    Mr. Loris Vivarelli / in charge of French and Francophone academic cultural cooperation.
    Ms. Kenza Alaoui / in charge of cultural and Francophone cooperation.
    Mr. Mustafa Al-Faraji, in charge of communicating with Jordanian academic institutions.
    The following were discussed:

    • To discuss twinning opportunities with French universities, which were presented and discussed in the previous meeting that took place at the French Cultural Institute, which took place on (11/8/2021).
    • They provided the department with a group of novels participating in the “The Choice of Orient” activity in Beirut for the year 2022.
    • It was decided to reactivate the visit of the French Cultural Institute at the beginning of each semester, starting from the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023.
  • The visit of Dr. Maha Al-Qadi with her students to the library 08/04/2022.
  • The annual meeting of the faculty with the graduates on 1/8/2022.
  • The Attaché for Cultural Cooperation with Jordanian Universities at the French Embassy in Amman, “Ms. Annabelle Ostyn,” met with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Al-Zaytoonah University, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Al-Tarawneh, in the presence of the Head of the Department of French and English Language and Literature, Dr. Sundus Fawzi Farman, on Thursday (3/3/2022). The prospects for academic and cultural cooperation of the French Embassy with Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan were discussed at the international and local levels and in all disciplines, in a way that suits the needs of students and faculty members.
  • The Department of English organized a symposium in which spoke. Dr. Jihad Hamdan, President of the Association of Teachers of English Language, Literature and Translation in Arab Universities. Dr. Jihad explained the role of the association in opening prospects for research cooperation and the exchange of teaching experiences between professors of English and the association and the principles of publishing in its affiliated journal, noting that the journal is classified in the first category, Q1, according to the SCOPUS classification, and is a candidate for entry into the ISI classification. The symposium was held on Monday 12/27/2021.
  • The annual student meeting of the Arabic Language Department on 11/17/2021.
  • A symposium entitled « Teaching French in Universities during the New Corona Pandemic: Challenges and Prospects » – Dr. Authoul Abdel Hay via Zoom 3/26/2021.
  • A training workshop for students of the French Language Department organized by the University Agency of Francophonie under the title “Mediation in Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills” for the period from 11/29/2020 – 12/01/2020.