Al-Zaytoonah University Journal of Human and Social Studies

The Al-Zaytoonah University Journal of Humanities and Social Studies is a scientific, periodical, refereed journal that is issued with three electronic issues per year, and bears the international number (2708-9207 online / 2708-9193 printed) according to approved international standards. It is a journal concerned with publishing original, innovative scientific research of scientific and cognitive value in content and language, written in Arabic, English or French in various fields of humanities and social sciences. The journal is under the supervision of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, and is managed by an independent, specialized international scientific body, with high efficiency and long experience in the field of publishing and arbitrating research.

The journal is keen not to publish research that contradicts the values and principles in force in Jordan, or what conflicts explicitly or hinting with the philosophy and vision of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, or what contradicts the ethics of scientific publishing. Note that the contents and ideas of the research published in the journal express the opinions of its authors, and the journal is not responsible for the intellectual contents published in it.

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