The faculty’s quality assurance office was established in 2011 to go hard in hand with the University’s positive approach to quality assurance. The office has been provided with equipment for communication, data processing and keeping. It is also connected with the University internal network. This office is meant to be the faculty’s central office where its quality assurance files and documents are dept. The office is run by a distinguished Director and excellent members of staff. The office of quality assurance serves as a link between its members and the departments they represent. The office continues following up and developing the faculty’s quality assurance file Deeping in it all quality assurance forms, papers, producers and communications it does with all the departments and divisions of the faculty of Arts regarding quality assurance at the faculty of Arts.

Responsibilities of the Director of Quality Assurance Office

1.  Preparing the Faculty guide to quality assurance.

2. Preparing and developing the procedures, forms and regulations of quality assurance and also distributing these documents to all academics and administrators.

3. Following up the use of quality assurance documents by performing periodic chicks to make sure that the parties concerned are doing their work meticulously and accurately, removing and correcting any inconsistencies in the work.

4. Active participation in the meetings of the Faculty’s quality assurance committee to document those meetings, and later on to follow up the decisions and give periodic reports about their implementation.

5. Active participation in the meetings of the executive committee responsible for the University’s academic quality assurance. The Director will receive the committee’s instruction and present it with periodic reports. He will help in making sure those quality assurance regulations and standards are being applied and fulfilled at the University.

6. To work for disseminating quality culture at the University in general and at the faculty in particular through holding periodic seminars and meetings in the University or by attending workshops and meetings about quality assurance that are held outside the University.

7.Supervising and following up all murals, brochures and leaflets about the faculty’s quality assurance activates and policies to make sure that they reach all faculty personnel and students clearly explaining vision, mission and quality education objectives.

8.On-going getting feedback from all faculty experts, academic staff and workers as well as from the local community about the faculty’s curricular and extra curricular activities and procedures.


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