Definition of the Quality Assurance Office in the faculty / The Office of the Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs:

The quality assurance office in the faculty was established simultaneously with the launch of the quality assurance approach adopted by the university in early 2011. The office was prepared and equipped with the necessary communication equipment and means of preservation and processing, and linked it to the internal network of the university to be a main headquarters for documenting and preserving quality assurance files in the faculty. A director of the office was appointed from among the distinguished faculty members for his activity and giving. This office represents the link between the committee responsible for the quality assurance file in the faculty and all its components including academic departments, governance councils, working committees in the faculty, departments and all employees. The office works to follow up the quality assurance file in the faculty by keeping the documents, procedures and forms it issues and distributing them to all concerned, each according to his specialization and field of work.

Duties of the Director of the Quality Assurance Office in the Faculty / Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs:

1. Following up the proper use of procedures and forms, ensure the effectiveness of procedures, good performance and quality of results in the faculty, and carry out periodic audits of all employees, councils, departments and committees.

2. Carrying out internal audits on the components and staff of the faculty to detect cases of non-conformity and work to remove them.

3. Participing effectively in the meetings of the committee responsible for quality assurance in the faculty, documenting its meetings, following up on its decisions, and submitting periodic reports to it.

4. Participing effectively in the meetings of the executive committee for academic quality assurance at the university, receiving directives and instructions from them, submitting periodic reports to them, cooperating with them in keeping up with the application of regulations, instructions and quality standards applied in the university, and adhering to all directives, decisions and work instructions issued by them.

5.Working to spread the culture of quality in the university and the faculty exclusively, through meetings, seminars and periodic studies, and participate in workshops and meetings on quality inside and outside the university.

6. Supervising and following-up of all murals, publications and brochures for announcing the adoption of the quality system in the faculty, and ensuring the clear public declaration of the faculty’s vision, mission and objectives for all employees and students.

7.Working constantly and periodically to survey the opinions of specialists, workers, faculty members in the faculty, its students, and groups of the local community about the systematic, scientific and extracurricular procedures and activities implemented in the faculty.


Contact Us:

Quality Assurance Office Address:

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan / Faculty of Arts / Building No. 8 , Office No. 220, second floor.

Tel: +96264291511 ext. 461
Fax: +962 64291432


Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Quality Affairs:

Dr. Sondos Fawzi Farman works at the university since 2008.
Major: French literature.
Department: French and English Language and Literature.
Head of the Department of French and English Language and Literature from 2013 until now
Member of the committee responsible for quality assurance in the faculty since 2014 until now.


Faculty achievements in the field of quality assurance:

The faculty obtained the Education Quality Assurance Certificate from the Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission on 4/25/2018.