Program vision :

Establishing specialized efficiencies in French and English languages provided with leading, creative and pioneer competences that are essential for competing locally, regionally and internationally to work as translators, tour guides and teachers of French and English languages. All of this can be happened through the skillful application of information technology and modern strategies of teaching and learning.  

Program mission and objectives:

    1. Achieving an agreement between the learning outputs of the field and the characteristics of the seventh level (skills, knowledge and competences) within the national frame of qualifications.
    2. Merging modern information technology and using it creatively in both teaching and learning in order to attain more effective learning and considering the needs of learners.
    3. Confirming the principle of sustainable self- learning and highlighting the creativity of the learner under international changes and through the application of the various strategies of learning and teaching.
    4. Enabling students to speak, read and write in both French and English languages.
    5. Helping students to acquire the theoretical and scientific knowledge and skills which are necessary for work.
    6. Strengthen the student’s ability to analyze, criticize, communicate and open widely to others which can contribute in his integration in society.
    7. Evaluating the civilized, literary and cultural heritage of French and English and comparing them to Arabic civilization, culture and literature.

Program learning outcomes ((MK= Main Knowledge, MS= Main Skills, MC= Main Competences)

Main knowledge


Recognizing the linguistic and syntactic structure of both French and English languages.


Mastering the principal cultural axes, the literary movements and its eminent and the different ways of analyzing the literary texts in both languages.


Looking at the functional terms which are used in the local, regional or international labor market.


Knowing the different methods of translation from and into French language.

Basic skills


Identifying the different dialects, formal and informal speech, dialogue and oral comprehension and the language of news in both languages.


Participating in formal and informal discussions and giving opinions and arguments in both languages.


Writing texts and essays about general and particular topics in both languages.


Reading written essays about various topics in both languages.

General competencies


Communicating and expressing opinions through comparison, criticism and respecting others’ opinions.


Interacting and using the acquired skills and knowledge of the specialization generally or particularly, individually or within groups.


Commitment scientifically and morally in translating different texts from and into French language .


Developing and mastering the skills and knowledge and producing new ones through the use of information technology and social media .