1. Admitting and registering students according to the Jordanian Higher Education Council (JHEC) principles.
  2. Preparing a file for every student, which includes his documents and academic record during presence and archiving afterwards.
  3. Checking and auditing files of admitted students.
  4. Preparing timetable, final-examinations, academic calendar for students and distribute among all parties concerned.
  5. Announcing academic results after adoption from Departments and Faculty Councils.
  6. Preparing all necessary arrangements for registration of students and courses, and monitoring academic load for students in accordance with the instructions, and follow-up add-and-drop processes.
  7. Following up on matters related to transfer students from other universities.
  8. Preparing lists of on-probation and dismissed students and inform them of their academic positions.
  9. Preparing lists of names of distinguished students.
  10. Preparing lists of expected graduates and checking their academic records and study plans.
  11. Following up on execution of curricula in the electronic system.
  12. Preparing statistics and reports needed inside and outside the University.
  13. Issuing graduation certificates and transcripts in addition to other documents in both Arabic and English.
  14. Preparing pamphlets, brochures and forms related to admission and registration.