Deanship University-Society Outreach

The aspects through which the Deanship asserted its role with the community are innumerable. In achieving the required interaction between the Deanship and national development establishment two members from the local community are members in the ARC. Needless to say that staff direct their proposals towards problem solving. Indeed, this is so as many have participated in social studies and provided consultations for many industries.

  • Under the responsibility of the university community, the Deanship is always seeking to promote a culture of awareness in the community and volunteer work at the university in order to:
  • Investment youth and activate their role in the service and community awareness of different categories.
  • Instill entrepreneurial spirit in the hearts of young people and their development.
  • Demonstrate the capacity of the university students and the true picture enshrined in them.
  • Trigger a sense of community responsibility through the donation of time and effort.
  • Development of team spirit and aspects amongst students and their creativity skills.