Department of Classroom Teacher

Department Overview  :

Founded in 2003, the Department presently encompasses a dynamic team of 7 faculty members and serves a vibrant student community of 565 individuals. Over the years, our esteemed faculty has contributed significantly to the academic community by publishing 15 research papers in internationally recognized refereed journals.

Department of Classroom Teacher 2023-2024

Dr. Hamzeh Abdelfattah Alassaf takes the lead as the Department Head, offering expertise and guidance for the advancement of our mission and objectives. Our program focuses on the specialization in Classroom Teaching, offering a Bachelor’s degree to aspiring educators.


The Department of Classroom Teacher

Head of the department

Dr. Hamzeh Abdelfattah Alassaf

Name of the specialization in Arabic

معلم الصف – بكالوريوس

Name of the specialization in English

Classroom Teacher-Bachelor

Specialization number


Date of accreditation




Degree Programs Offered:

  • Degree :  Bachelor’s degree in classroom teacher
  • Key Knowledge Areas : This program covers a broad spectrum including general education, human growth and learning, research and evaluation, Islamic and social education, linguistic and scientific concepts, mathematics teaching methods, and an overview of general curricula .
  • Career Opportunities : Graduates can pursue careers in public and private sector schools, as well as nurseries, equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the field of education .