Department’s Vision :

The Department aspires to be a leader in the field of teacher education, both locally and across the Arab world, aligning with contemporary educational advancements.


Department’s Mission :

The Department is committed to fostering a dynamic and interactive environment that promotes the professional and academic growth of our students.


Department’s Objectives :

    1.  To foster scientific research and conduct specialized studies on topics relevant to the local community, faculty members, and students. This includes:
    2.  Engaging in local, regional, and international seminars and conferences, organizing such events internally, and participating in related committees.
    3.  Updating the current curriculum to meet the standards of educational quality, incorporating advancements in technology and pedagogical methods.
    4.  Introducing new programs that align with the needs of the local and regional communities and the job market.
    5.  Equipping students with critical thinking skills and the ability to conduct research and studies within their disciplines.
    6.  Launching postgraduate programs, considering the available resources and adhering to the accreditation standards for these programs.
    7. Enhancing students’ proficiency in Arabic and English within their field of study.
    8.  Developing students’ life skills and cognitive patterns to foster their engagement with both local and global communities.
    9.  Strengthening ties with the local community through specialized courses, diverse studies, and activities.