Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

Founded in 1993 and celebrating its first graduating class in 1997, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature has played a pivotal role in fostering an appreciation for the Arabic language. Its mission is to deepen national and patriotic pride, enhance awareness of the language’s richness, and embody the values central to shaping students’ identities. Over 26 cohorts have graduated from our bachelor’s program, illustrating our commitment to academic excellence and cultural preservation.

With a faculty team of six members in the academic year 2021-2022, and a vibrant student body of 250 learners, we continue to contribute to academic research, with numerous papers presented and published in distinguished international and local forums.


Degree offered by the Department

Bachelor’s degree of Arabic Language and Literature

Specialization Fields:

  1. Mandatory theoretical domains include linguistic and grammatical studies, literary analyses, and critical and rhetorical evaluations.
  2. Supportive disciplines encompass ancient and modern history, alongside Islamic philosophy.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates find prospects in both the public and private educational sectors, cultural ministries, media outlets (including television and radio), institutions offering Arabic language programs for non-native speakers, and journalistic enterprises like magazines and newspapers.

The major achievements of the department

    1. Hosting of the Eighth International Conference of the Faculty of Arts, titled “Jerusalem in Modern Arabic Poetry” on July 19, 2022.
    2. Hosting the Annual Organization of the Seventh Creative Writing Competition.
    3. Establishing a Reading Club at Al-Zaytoonah University for enthusiastic students.
    4. Implementing an ongoing Arabic calligraphy improvement course.
    5. Regularly updating the study plan and educational materials to align with the department’s strategic vision and objectives