To be a department distinguished locally and regionally for excellence in instruction and pioneering research in English language, literature, and translation. We seek to foster meaningful engagement with English-speaking cultures while developing students into active contributors to their society.

Mission :

We provide a qualitative education grounded in English language, literature, and translation, cultivating students’ linguistic abilities, critical thinking, and research skills. Our goal is to empower students to participate effectively in local and regional development initiatives and interact positively with global communities.


  1. Develop students’ proficiency in English language and communication skills.
  2. Cultivate students’ understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the English-speaking world.
  3. Hone students’ critical and creative thinking abilities and research skills in their field of study.
  4. Prepare distinguished graduates in English language and literature who can apply their expertise to serve their local and regional communities and connect meaningfully with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.