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Program Name: Bachelor degree in Cyber Security

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Content  Plan

Study Plan (2020)

Course Brief Description (2020)   

The Matrix of Study Materials Learning Methods and Assessment Methods(2020)

The Tree of Cybersecurity Courses(2020)


 Detailed Courses Description Section :


Third: Major Requirements (82) Credit Hours

A. Mandatory Major Requirements ( 33 ) Credit Hours

Digital Logic Design

Computer Networks and Data Transmission

Information Security and Cybersecurity


Data Structure and Algorithms

Visual Programming

Secure System Analysis and Design

Database Management Systems and Security

Internet Applications Programming

Mobile Apps Development

Information Hiding Techniques

B. Mandatory Minor Requirements (34) Credit Hours


Networks Operating Systems


Ethical Hacking in Cybersecurity

Digital Forensics

E-commerce Security and Cyber Crimes

Information Security Protocols

Risk Management and Evaluation

Wireless and Wired Network Security

Network Monitoring and Documentation

Practical Training

Methodology for Building A Secure System

Graduation Project

C. Major Supporting Requirements (6) Credit Hours

Linear Algebra (1)

Numerical Analysis (1)

D. Major Electives (9) Credit Hours

Cybersecurity Tools and Techniques

Malicious Software (Malware)

Selected Topics in Cybersecurity

 Python for Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Access Control and Authentication

Cloud Computing Security

Integrated Penetration Protection Technologies

Operating Systems’ Security