Vision :

Towards a competitive college in architecture, design, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Developing an ideal environment for teaching and learning in architecture and design that encourages creativity and innovation and employs the results of scientific research in the development of society and the sustainable environment.


  1. Developing the study plans of the academic programs with emphasis on the quality of the educational programs and curricula to match the needs of the labor market
  2. Enhancing the role of the Faculty council and the departmental councils, in addition to monitoring the level of performance, effectiveness of decisions and level of integrity.
  3. Adopting modern learning methods and e-learning and providing a knowledge environment supporting undergraduate and graduate programs with continuous improvement of study plans.
  4. Supporting applied scientific research to comply with the national and university priorities.
  5. Qualifying faculty staff to serve the educational process.
  6. Preparing a graduate with growing capacities, distinguished scientifically and professionally, to comply with the regional and global environment.
  7. Enhancing community service and developing internal and external cooperation and partnerships.
  8. Obtaining quality assurance certificates and achieving advance ranks in local and international classification.