The Department of Fine Arts/ Graphic Design was established in 2001-2002 and graduated its first batch in in 2004-2005. The Department follows an academic artistic policy based on the most modernized concepts, visions and skills of manual arts using the most up-to-date methods of visual arts by way of creating a practical climate with various means of communication through an all-inclusive integral program that covers all intellectual aspects be they theoretical and practical .


Activities (First Semester 2016-2017)

The Department carried out a culture-oriented extracurricular activity.


Department of Classroom Teacher

The Department of Classroom Teacher was established in the beginning of 2003-2004 in order to meet the Jordanian and Arab market. It seeks to qualify educationalists-to-be with the latest scientific and technological developments in the field. The University decided to establish this department in order to equip the Ministry of Education with comprehensive teaching staff; i.e. multi-skillful teachers to teach the first four grades where the teacher will alone follow up with the student and observe all kinds of desirable skills (linguistic, cultural, religious, scientific and national). This would help improve the students’ points of weakness concerning the subjects they study and, in effect, reinforce their points of strength therein. The Department currently plans to establish a new specialization: Educational Communication and Education Technology.



The Department carried out a culture-oriented extracurricular activity, research workshops and group breakfast towards the end of each semester to honor its own graduates.


Members of the Department’s Council


Teaching Staff

Academic Rank



Dr. Mohammad Zahran Abu Ali

Assistant Professor



Dr. Zeyad Ahmad Al Nimrawi

Associate Professor



Dr. Nidal Zaki Ammareen

Assistant Professor



Dr. Nader Fahmi Al Zyood

Assistant Professor



Dr. Adnan Hasan Al Haj Mohammad

Assistant Professor




It is a pioneering department in preparing qualified teacher locally and regionally in such a way that feeds into the age spirit.



► creating a dynamic interactive atmosphere that would develop students professionally and academically.



► enhancing critical and creative thinking in the middle of the “soon-to-be teachers” by way of providing unique quality education based on modern educational theories.


► facilitating the process of learning via making available various and numerous sources that meet the wants and needs of both students and local community.


► highlighting the practical side inside and outside the University by cooperating with local schools (Field Training) which would develop students professionally and intellectually.


► installing such educational values as respect to others, decent communication with them and work commitment, among others.


► equipping educational local and Arab institutions with highly-qualified teachers in such a way that feeds into the age spirit.