The Journal of Nursing Science is the official journal of the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties. It is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses predominantly on nursing and allied health sciences issues that are relevant to nursing in specific and health in general. The journal welcomes original articles that help to contributes to the ongoing development of nursing internationally and encourage unsolicited original manuscripts where nurses describe their work and document their experience and research. Authors are encouraged to develop a ‘global intelligence’ on nursing and to address audience by exploring beyond local or national interests to the more general, global application of the principles underlying their work. Background information on the local arrangements for nursing and health care in a country also provides useful context for this global readership. Issues related to leadership and Policy such as professional regulation, innovations in practice, patient safety, quality assurance of nursing education, ethics, nurses’ and midwives’ work-life experiences, and the impact of globalization and technology on nursing and health and social policy are also welcomed.