The Faculty of Science and Information Technology at the Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, in its responsibility to keep up with the demand for new and advanced skills in the software engineering field in the local and regional market, established the Software Engineering Department, which received accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education Special Accreditation in decision No. (1391) on 26/10/2005.

The Software Engineering major is considered a practical professional approach with the objective of achieving the development, operation, maintenance, and quality of software using the latest software tools. Software Engineering is classified as a branch of the Computer Science major, but it uses a practical approach in the development of software systems, instead of the theories and principles of computing, in the areas of industrial, productivity, medical, government, and business applications.

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan continues to work on providing up-to-date teaching materials to be utilized by the competent and efficient faculty members in the fields of software. The department continuously seeks to update its curricula and study plans, as well as teaching tools, to keep up with new advances of information technology.

Dr.Mohammad A.Muhairat



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