• Developing the individual and collective skills of students guiding them towards horizons by improving their intellectual and study patterns and through creative and innovative thinking.
  • Creating an appropriate Mechanism for permanent support with the creative elite of students to reinforce their relationship with society and their direct interaction with its needs and problems.
  • Qualifying the students guiding them to reach a high level of self-awareness.
  • Helping those asking for guidance to deal with personal, social and vocational influences, identifying points of strength and weakness as well as training them technically for suitable careers.
  • Increasing knowledge about themselves (pros and cons). Acquiring certain skills needed for effective making professional decisions and taking into consideration the basic variables such as the individual, the job and the relationship between them.
  • Helping those asking for guidance to learn how to make wise decisions and accept the responsibility related to such decisions in order to enhance their knowledge about themselves , their decision making process, and career choice.
  • Helping those asking for guidance to acquire a sound strategy in the decision making process through skill acquisition training decision making so that they can reasonably by commensurate with the probable decision problems in the future.
  • Activating the relationship between the office and all offices of public and private sector as well as institutions through the position of these sectors so as to be acquainted with the nature of available and required job, and help employers know the proper available vacancies.
  • Enhancing and consolidating the trainee’s personal skills training them how to prepare themselves for work through particular preparatory steps such as writing a covering letter, curriculum vitae and passing a job interview.
  • Preparing the trainees to enter the future. Accordingly, there should be a stable continuous: bond among the young as regard to their country, on one hand, and its progress, on the other.
  • Providing the trainees with skills, knowledge and experiences so as to be competitive, on both national and international level.


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