University Vision :

Towards a Competitive University in Labor Market, Research and Sustainable Environment.

University Mission :

An active contribution in the sustainable development of the society and providing the labor market with the specialized competencies capable of leadership, entrepreneur and creativity through implementing proper planning, wise governance, modern teaching and learning methods, transfer of technology and by focusing on applied scientific research, developing attractive scientific and teaching environment, choosing skilled and experienced man power, partnering with notable higher education institutions, and applying quality assurance and competitiveness standards.

University Values:

1.National belonging
2.Leadership and team work
3.Integrity and transparency
4.Justice and equal opportunities
5.Continuous learning
6.Others’ opinion respect and cultural pluralism


Historical Overview of the University:

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (ZUJ) was established in 1993 after receiving its license and general accreditation by the Higher Education Council on March 6, 1993. Instruction began on September 6, 1993, and since then ZUJ has witnessed considerable progress, at both academic and infrastructure levels.

The University:

1. Has general accreditation for a capacity of 10000 students.
2.All the university programs are accredited by the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission.
3.Is an active member in many academic organizations locally, regionally and internationally, such as:

  • Association of Arab Universities.
  • The Association of Arab Private Institutions for Higher Education.
  • Association of Islamic Universities
  • International Association of Universites .
  • Association of European and Arab Universities .
  • Consortium of Arab Turkish Universities.
  • Full member of Arab Organization for Quality Assurance.
  • All faculties at the University are members in the Association of counterparts colleges and faculties, which is part of association of Arab Universities.
  • Hosts the Headquarter of the association of Arab Nursing colleges since its foundation in 1998.
  • Member in the association of Jordanian and Arab Libraries.