ALTall opened the fifth International World Conference of Information Technology in Alzaytoonah University




ALTall opened the fifth International World Conference of Information Technology in Alzaytoonah University
The Faculty of Science and Information Technology at ALZaytoonah University held Fifth Scientific Conference for Information Technology under the auspices of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Engineer Atef ALTall with the participation of 30 countries, including 8 Arab countries.
AlTall mentioned that Jordan has made a quantum leap in the field of information technology in accordance with directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II. “
He pointed out that Jordan is working to build and activate the system of comprehensive quality management that Jordan has become the gate area in information technology.
the University President Dr. Rushdi Hassan said that the beginning of this century witnessed the use of information technology and its applications-oriented rapid unprecedented in human history.
He also added that the concepts of e-learning and distance learning and their applications have become crucia elements of the educational process calling for the need to achieve a legal framework to formulated a set of rules and instructions within clear procedures and clear, and specific responsibilities to ensure not to use information technology as a tool , object or purpose in the implementation of the crimes and violations at the level of moral , cultural and, social, scientific, economic and political, in line with international trends and the global approach towards a society free from terrorism, violence and vice.The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology Conference at the University President, Dr. Abdul Fattah al-Tamimi remarked that the events of the conference to coincide with what has been achieved in quality and quantity, contributing to raise the status of the University to be among the Jordanian and Arab Universities excellence. 

He also said the college has made the construction and activation of the system of the total quality management in the college and all of its six academic divisions and the creation of two new divisions multimedia systems and computer networks and increasing the production and dissemination of scientific works for the faculty members 27% in comparison of the year preceded.

تاريخ النشر :19-5-2011

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