Al-Shaheed Road in Amman has a significant volume of traffic throughout the day. Unfortunately, the traffic at this street is experiencing excessive delay and congestion. The intersections on this street were studied by collecting and analyzing actual data consisting of traffic volumes on each direction of movement on the intersections. In addition, the roundabout of the Al-Mashaghel on Al-Shaheed Road was taken into account and a study was carried out. Sidra intersection 5.1 software was used for data analysis. The final results obtained were used to describe the level of service of the intersections on this street and to provide possible solutions for the congestion problem. A number of alternative solutions were considered to minimize delay and congestion.

The analysis showed that Tariq intersection and roundabout Al-Mashaghel have a traffic problem during peak hours. Many solutions were proposed to reduce these problems:

  • At Tariq signalized intersection, the addition of new lanes is not possible because the area is completely occupied. Therefore, the choices of roundabout with a bridge or a tunnel with the roundabout were considered. The most economical option was the tunnel with the rotor.
  • An attempt was made to re-design the rotor In Al-Mashaghel roundabout. However, the re-design did not meet the design constraints therefore, the rotor was removed and a traffic signal was designed.


Design constraints

Economic  –
Environmental  –
Social No adverse impact to society in terms of relocation loss of accessibility.
Ethical and Safety
Manufacturability and Sustainability
Other  The acceptable Level of service (LOS) for all intersection is (D).
The acceptable control delay for the Al-Mashaghel roundabout between 25-35 (sec/veh.).
The acceptable control delay for traffic signal Tariq between 35-55 (sec/veh.).


Highway Capacity Manual 2000

Design drawing(s)