This senior project is a structural analysis and design of Al-Khaleel Public Library.

The goals of this project are to structurally design the proposed architectural plans against gravity loading referring to the standards and recommendations of the American Concrete Institute (ACI318-11M) code. Also taking into consideration the most economic design that can be achieved using the most abundant materials found in Jordan and with accordance with the Jordanian Building Code (JBC) provisions.

The design constrains for the project that limit the range of potential design solutions are the limitation of construction materials, labor and available technology. Therefore, a list of available construction materials in accordance to JBC that can be used is set in advance. As well as the budget and economical requirements and the durability of the building and safety factors according to the green book of technical specification of execution of buildings. The most crucial design constraint is the obligation to commit to the architectural plans of areas and blueprints which follow the governmental provisions and specifications of library designs.

The methodology used to perform the structural design and analysis of all elements in the project is following the Strength Design Method (SDM) that is based on the ACI code’s provisions, as well as using various softwares in the analysis and design.

The optimum design selected met all the design constraints presented above. The design developed is presented and concluded as attached in the structural design drawings.

Design constraints


Economic The design should propose the best alternative according to the least cost of construction material used and labor cost not to exceed 500 JDs/m2.
Environmental The design takes in consideration the isolation systems that reduce the dependency on energy resources.
Social  –
Political The performed design should be constant with the cultural system.
Ethical and Safety
Manufacturability and Sustainability Construction finishing and use of the building should consider quality and permanence issues in accordance with JBC provisions.
Other The calculated deformations and/or crack width should be within the ACI318-11 Code serviceability limits. 


ACI318-11M, JBC

Design drawing(s)