Developing a high efficiency nozzle wind turbine discussed in this research, the nozzle can increase the upstream speed of the wind up to three times leading to an increase of rated power level. It was considered in the design that the nozzle can rotate with wind direction thanks to the tail located at the end of the nozzle structure, the design of the turbine base considered strong and light structure that can resist of wind thrust force. Furthermore, the study discussed the power generated using six and three blades. Transient analysis of the generator power measured using a PC oscilloscope, it was noted that the blade with higher width has a higher performance, the results show the power levels for cases turbine with or without nozzle, the design discussed the design of the wind turbine tail and its impact on the stability of the wind turbine.

Design constraints

Economic The cost of the project not to exceed 350 JOD
Ethical and Safety All wirings should be isolated. Blades should be installed at least 2.5 m high.
Manufacturability and Sustainability System should depend entirely on the wind speed in generating energy



Design drawing(s)