With gasoline on its way out, scientists are looking for alternate energy sources to help fuel our planet. And what better source of power than the one right above our heads: the Sun. As fossil fuel reserves across the world continue to deplete, its clear renewable energy is the way of the future. Solar power could save America billions of dollars, yet solar panels alone can’t save the world. They need the help of solar panel cleaning robots to keep them operating in tip-top condition. This project is controlling car by using a sensors or transmitter. The robot car travels the entire area of a solar panel. In this paper a microcontroller based robot is proposed to clean the solar panels which a robot is fixed to the solar panel and moves on the panel while cleaning it. This robot utilizes a dry system of brushes to clean the solar panels. Once the cleaning process is done the robot is transferred to the next track of solar panels in the farm in an automated setup.

Design constraints

Economic The project should not exceed the 400JD limit
Ethical and Safety The electrical connection should be secure , safe and away from any liquids with a minimum of IP55
Manufacturability and Sustainability The design should not exceed 10Kg in weight .the battery – powered robot should hold a charged of at least 3 continuous working hours



Design drawing(s)