In this project, the cleaning system was designed and built. The goal was to increase the efficiency of the solar panel system by reducing the temperature and cleaning the solar system, we designed an automated cleaning system set with dust optical sensor connected to Arduino system to operate cleaning process by aids of motors and pumps to clean the dusty P.V panels. At the end of this project, the target was achieved on several speeds and we showed speed at 40 RPM leads to decrease the P.V panel temperature by 13 ⁰C. The maximum efficiency that obtained by using the automated cleaning system was 19.6 %.

Design constraints

Economic The project should not exceed the 200 JD limit
Environmental The cleaning solvent should not have a harmful impact on the surrounding environment and must comply with the Jordanian Institution for Standards and Metrology.
Ethical and Safety The electrical connection should be secure, safe and away from any liquids with a minimum IP55 protection from dust and liquids
Manufacturability and Sustainability The system should have the ability to be upgraded up to 10 panel array. The cleaning device should not exceed 10 Kg in weight.



Design drawing(s)