.The Centre of Studies of studies, Consultations and Communal (Social) service at the University of Zaytoonah aims to rehabilitate and develop students of the University and members of local and international and community through the training programs held with the University’s campus. 

It also aims to provide the homeland with batch upon bath of well qualified and skilled lab our force that are to face life challenges and to be individuals capable of playing an effective role on all local, and global levels. This comes with in the frame work of the University’s vision and mission. 
The Centre of Studies and consultations extends care to student after the training process by following up them in their quest for job opportunities and tapping their potentialities to serve both the Jordanian and Arab societies. 
The Centre’s role does not end Rare; it also attempts to provide students with the appropriate practical and scientific solutions for some issues faced by communities by means of studying the case on hand analyze it and find solutions for the challenges that preclude the normal growth of the of the case. Furthermore, the centre would give more attention to communal problem with a view to help these communities assume their role in the process of construction. 
In so doing, the Centre would have made tangible contribution to the history of the University. 
So doing, the Centre has indeed laid the basis for the prospects of innovation and the ability to keep abreast with to day technological revolution or and to meet the 
University’s ambition to pursue the course of commitment and credibility and of our lender which are the pillars based on training, consultations. 
Thus, the Centre would be an example of ever-Last ire commitment and a achievements.