Numerical data bases

Library provides a set of electronic data bases in various academic fields which are of two type’s electronic data bases for periodicals and for books.
They are as follows: 

A – Electronic data bases of periodicals
Library use currently been participating in the following electronic data bases provides a great number of full text periodicals:
1. EBSCO data bases
2. EBSCO host.

Academic Search Complete:

it is concerned with academic Sciences (Such physics, mathematics….), it includes (31,900) periodicals out of which there are (11.200) full text periodicals.

Business Source Complete:

It dead with administration specializations, business, marketing and accounting, it furnishes more than (1.300) full text periodicals.

Communication and Mass Medics Complete: 

It is concerned with the domains of communication and mass media, it is contains summaries of more than (460) journals and (350) full text journals.

SOCINDEX with Full Text: 

It is considered as being one of the best bases concerning Sociology researches, it lovers (1, 986,000) files related to sociological topics and terminology and provides full text of more than (780) books and (9,333) conference papers.

Education research Complete:

it is viewed as the education research sources of for all academic levels. It provides specialists with researches and also furnishes a full text of more than (1.000) journals (133) looks and conference educational and papers.

Medline with full Text: 

It is a more comprehensive base designed for medical domains, it nearly provides (1.370) full text periodicals.

CINAHL Plus Full Text: 

It is medical care and nursing base which covers nearly (750) full text periodicals.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection: 

It is the base of psychology and behavioral science collection. It is the largest base concerning psychology which provides nearly (600) full text Journals.

Vocational and Career Collection:

It is regarded as being the biggest base that is concerned with Vocational and career collection, and that deg designed for career and technological libraries. It covers a full text of more than (350) commercial bulletins and periodicals. 

Environmental Complete: 

It is concerned with environment as well as all fields of agriculture, regenerated energy, natural resources and different environmental laws. It includes more than (1,957,000) international laws. It local files dated to 19940 and provides (680) full text Journals and (120) studies.

Library In foretime Science and Technology Abstracts (LISTA) :
It is concerned with library information sconces library management indexing and categornation it provides more than (500) periodicals as well as books report and researches dated to 1960.

Computers and Applied Sciences Complete:

It deals with researches and development in the fields of applied sciences and computer. It provides (1,800) academic journals and specialized publications and also provides the full text of more than (700) periodicals.

ERIC, the Educational Resources In formation Centre: 

It includes more than (1,282,000) files and provides more than (314,000) full text documents. 

Professional Development Collection:

It is chiefly designed for professional teachers. It provides a collection of (520) educational journals and nearly (350) reviewed and evaluated titles. It also includes more than (200) educational reports which are more comprehensive in the domains of available education in a form of a fulltal.

Literary Reference Centre (LRC): 

It is called the base of complete literary references. It is a comprehensive data base covering more than (1,000) looks, and studies. It also includes main literary encyclopedia, hundreds of literary journals and unique sources not available else where, which are viewed as being good source for detailed information about well-know writers’ works.

Regional Business News: 

It is concerned with regional business sciences. It provides full text publications of regional business, and covers more than (75) scientific and specialized journals. 

Legal collection: 

It this base contains more than (250) Legal and scientific full text journals. 
Legal collection base is considered as being reliable source of information legal
That casts light on current world is issues as well as, legal studies and thoughts. 

Research starters, Business: 

It is concerned with business Sciences. It covers guides of studies and researches designed for both University and school students in particular, and also for higher education students in particular, and also for higher education students in general. It comprises brief essays whose words are nearly (3,000) and which are written by specialist researchers. 

Research Starters –Education:

This data base Deals with education, it represents guides of studies and researches designed for school, University and postgraduate students. 
It covers brief essays whose wards are (3,000) and which are written by researchers. 
Art and Architecture Complete: it has been designed to be benefitted by a divergent group of art scholars, designers and University students. it is data base providing abstracts of more than(730)academic journals and commercial publication. It also provides a full text of more than (330) periodicals,(215)books as well as covering more than(70) publications and collection ay more than(46,000)photos 

Energy and Power Source:

It is a comprehensive full text base designed to meet information requirements of energy and power sources at all levels, and power professionals and specialists in all types of power sources.
It covers more than (1000) different publications (journals, commercial studies)
As well as tens of hundreds of essay of industrial publications.

Legal Information Reference centre:

It provides a full text of a number of legal references in addition to more than (225) legal publications where they are regularly added.

Small Business Reference Centre: 

It is a comprehension reference for those who are interested in small business and who are interested in commercial activity at all levels.
It provides full text periodical, reports, samples of work plans, table recordings and source books.


b. Dynamic:

It is a reference means created to be benefited by doctors and other specialists in clinical and medical and cares.
It is organized abstracts, and that it can benefited via practical activities.
c.Comsumer Health Information –Arabic
This data base furnishes a recorder with translated essays about different medical cases in a way that they are easily used and understand. It makes use illustrations and a human body figure. These essays are in a form of full text and are peculiar for human organs and human medical care.



d. Point of View:

It is a full text data base designed to provide researchers with a set of essays about currently debatable topics.
It precuts questions and materials which are supported by thousands of the best world publications at the political and social levels. 

English Language Learner –Reference Centre:

1. This data base has been designed by Teaching English specialists in which it serves multipurpose of school students; it enables them to conduct their researches develop their skills. It includes various topics in different fields and specializations such as sciences, history, national education, life skills and literature. These researches are available at a proper level for these who benefit from them in a way that they have the possibility to use meanings and simplified construction.
2. Sci Finder from CAS: It is considered as being the largest data base in the world in the field of chemistry and related sciences like pharmacology, chemical engineering, agricultural and environmental sciences, and biology. It includes more than (10,500) journals and covers more than (59) patents. 
3. Emerald
It includes (175) reviewed periodicals written in foreign languages, and covers these topics related to economy and administrative sciences.
4. Elsevier ( science Direct )
It is regarded as the biggest window through which knowledge as well as rich and coasted sources of information can be looked upon. It covers quarter of human knowledge in the world. It provides Journals related to pharmacy and medical sciences. 

Book electronic data bases 

Library participates in the following electronic data base:

1. eBrary data base, including more than (47,000) titles in varicose fields.
2. Springer data base, including more than (13,000) publishing titles in different specialization from 2005 up to 2008.
3. Access Pharmacy, regarded as part of McGraw – Hill publications and designed to meet pharmacy requirements and it provides researchers with pharmacy references so as to be browsed and searched vid the internet.