FRO. Office Support the university in the best investment for cooperation, internally and externally partnerships.


Linking the university with the institutions of higher education and related organizations to improve the performance of academic and administrative staff as well as students in the fields of education, research and the sustainable environment, which contribute to increase the competitiveness of the university locally, regionally and internationally.


1. Communicate with prestigious universities.
2. Create opportunities for memorandums of understanding with prestigious educational and research institutions.
3. Signing agreements and memorandums of cooperation that contribute to the development of the performance of students and academic staff.
4. finding opportunities to facilitate the academic and research mobility of members of the students and academic staff.
5. Planning and implementation of international conferences, seminars and workshops.
6. Establishment of joint academic programs.
7. Attracting faculty members with distinguished academic and research reputation.
8. Contribute to global initiatives.