• Students who hold Jordanian community colleges diploma and passed the comprehensive exam at a rate not less than (68%) except  pharmacy , engineering, veterinary medicine spatiality. Their comprehensive average should not be less than (70%) and they can bridge to equal specializations.
• Students who hold community colleges diploma (three year study) and four year study (who are not covered by the system of the comprehensive exam) are allowed to bridging system for equal specializations. But they are subject to progress of the Written Examination held by the 
BalqaUniversity for the purpose of bridging. Their success should not be less than (68%) except for students who wish to bridge to pharmacy and engineering, they require not less than (70%) in the exam.
• The minimum acceptance rate of the bridging for the students of special needs (65%). The entire student should provide approved medical report by the District Committees in the province prove that his disability is the cause of the student`s low academic achievement.
• The exemption of the student`s studied materials in the Diploma should be a maximum of 45 hours for the two year system, and 55-hour system for three years.
Bridging is not allowed for students who have been accepted without the secondary requirement in the disciplines of the Faculty of Al Aqaba or engineering specialties at community colleges.