Kuwaiti ambassador in Amman Visits Al-Zaytoonah University



His Excellency Hamad Al-Diraick, Kuwaiti ambassador in Amman, accompanied by a Kuwaiti embassy delegation has paid avidest to the Private University of Al-Zaytoonah. Upon his arrive; he was welcomed by president of the University, Prof. Dr. Rushdi Hassan in the presence of Mr. Ali Al-Qurum, Head of the commission of Directors, Dean of the college of Economics and Administrative sciences Dr. Ghalib Al-Rifaie, Dean of the college of Engineering Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hamdan , Dean of the college of Nursing , Prof . Dr. Harrisa Al-Shimi, Dean of the college of pharmacy, Dr. Ghassan Abu Sheikh, Dean of the college of Las Dr. Hussein Hamdan and Director of the Burean of Liaison Mr. This Yezin Al-Qa’aa’ . 

The president of the University briefed the visiting team on the latest developments of the University in terms of the new specialization and programmers and the University’s endeavors to assume an outstanding position among Jordanian Universities in accordant with the standards of quality assurance.

Mr. Al-Dr. aich ascertained the himself on the status of Kuwaiti students at the University and landed the standards of higher education Jordan. He said the Kuwaiti – Jordanian the are should and brotherly thanks to the wise tenders hips of both countries. “In this generous country, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, I do of have the feeling of stranger. Rather, I feed I am among my of milky, brothers and loved avis as if I was in Kuwait. Kuwaiti parents lilies to send their sons to Jordan for the peace and seam if this country enjoys.

He praised the prestige of Al-Zaytoonah University and wished those who are in charge and all pardoned and staff members more success and progress. He also appreciated the cooperation with the cultural office and the cordiaial hospitality they have received. 

The visiting delegation exchanged idea and views with the president, dears and professors of the Zaytoonah University with aviwe to enhancing cooperation between the tour sides.

تاريخ النشر :12-7-2011

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