In light of a rapidly changing world and a reality that requires continuous change that is able to deal with different crises and achieve innovation, excellence and distinction, the urgent need arises to study and analyze the scientific and technological methods of handling crisis in the business sectors.


The crises that organizations and societies encounter require efficient and effective management capable of dealing with crisis not only due to its negative nature but for the sake of capturing valuable opportunities resulting from the crisis to stimulate creativity and innovation in organizations .  This will enhance cooperation and harmony for all necessary activities to manage and surpass the crisis successfully and to control its results and possible impact.


Crisis management is concerned with achieving fundamental change in the traditional work methods to new creative work systems in business organizations.  These new systems will add to the links in the technical and knowledge management fields of crisis management from a comprehensive strategic perspective.


Crises in various business domains form historical turns and vital critical changes which, if disregarded, could lead to great damage in the management of organizations, threatening their existence and continuity.  Therefore, the field of crisis management helps in rebuilding capabilities and recovering internal balance and environmental adaptability to accomplish growth, innovation and sustainable competitive advantage in various business sectors .