Serving the local community thru hat the University as a scientific, cultural institution, afers represents the scientific solid basis of cam mural unity. Thre service is the genuine choice for in tegration and equality with which systematic rise in individual and collective productivity within the framework of such relations that enhance participation and ensure security guarantees, both individual and communal that takes in to consideration the current delve opments and future prospects and needs . Emanating from this concept , the unit of communal service at al-zaytoonah University has worked to bring about the required positive charges in the life of the individual and so city throyh its development programs and plans as set below : 
1. Holding development programs like lectures workshops, seminars and conferences to boost trends of cultural soil and economic trends for the local community in dividnals with the aim of defining their needs and setting up a archaism to serve them.
2. Coordinating between the University and the local community to work out an appropriate to serve it.
3. bndearonrire to reinforce the concept of role of the local community in promoting the march of the University for more information contact us on phone extensions 250,430,508